Resolution #1: stopping to smoke.

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Being on the run-up to my 50th, I am pursuing a few projects and resolutions all to be completed by this symbolic birthday next year. Some are on-going long-term resolutions, some are stop-short, black-and-white and on the spot projects to be instantly put into practice, one of which is stopping to smoke. I have been stopping since last new year and am doing quite well….

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2016 – what a year!

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Whilst 2016 started smoothly, it constantly picked up speed to ultimately find its own staccato finale. I had not known before but if I had, 2016 wouldn’t have taken the course it took. Actually, even if my life at the beginning and at the end of 2016 looks pretty much the same, ideas and opinions have changed profoundly….

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Studies moving forward


What a relief! The result of the first partial exam was communicated: mathematics. And I gloriously passed with 1.3 according to the German system.

Which is what? 18/20 in French terms and an A/AA in UK-terms?

Anyhow, it is a brilliant result and I am very happy, because I was not sure at all. All previous tests were quite good, too, but I thought I had made some minor concentration mistakes, which apparently was not the case.

Now let’s wait for the part „Scientific Working Techniques“, where I think I have not really excelled.

Keep you posted!

But for those who speak German, quote:

„Das Gute ist: Teilklausuren, die bereits vorliegen, können bereits eine Aussage über bestehen und Nicht-Bestehen der Gesamtprüfung treffen. So können Sie gar nicht mehr durchfallen, egal wie WiAr TK (50 % an der Note) gelaufen ist, da GLMS TK (ebenfalls 50 % an der Note) mit 1,3 absolviert wurde. Daher hätten Sie schlechtstenfalls mit 3,1 bestanden (nämlich: (1,3+5,0):2). Wir gratulieren!

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Shit happens …


As you may well know, I have started my studies of an MBA this November. For somebody who is used to comment and judge others it is quite a thing to get used to being commented and judged. But it is the main purpose of a study: you have to learn, move forward and simply advance with your knowledge and get used to be criticised. You are going for a study because you don’t know things yet but want them to know….

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