Our place in St. Pölten. Pointless paying €34,– for a night on a camping when all you do is sleeping for 6 hours …

We had another night next to the road and each car passing by made Hubert shake. I will have to get used to it but also have to develop a sense for finding more appropriate and less awkward parking places. Though I admit security is an aspect to me. In any case, you have to get used to be living on the road. A quiet but safe place is always where you have to compromise to one of them.

But it is also an emotional thing. You have to get yourself back on the rod and just feel easy with the on goings. So in the end a question of time.

The first meeting went well and we moved on to the next, where we arrived 1,5 hours too early. Our contact had nothing against us pushing the meeting forward and so ewe went ahead. Same we did with the next and then last meeting that day.

In consequence we gained 4 hours and instead of wasting hours with walking about and waiting for the originally arranged meeting time we used our time most effectively.

For the end of the day we cruised along the motorway and the weather was just wonderful. Summer is seriously approaching now and these are the moments, why I quit my trodden path, leaving my comfort zone. I really feel free. For the Marlboro man it could not have been better. This part of the world is quite beautiful with it’s mountains, patches full of flowers in all kinds of colours and an obviously traditional life style of people living here. The core of Austria.

It is an experience and privilege to be able to see so many things whilst kind of being paid the same time. Obviously you have to be professional and work, but I also have to develop the reflex to stop and watch the countryside a bit more often where cruising around, but that’ll come. This is how I just missed the Chiemsee twice and just didn’t stop for a break and enjoying the moment.

Unfortunately I neither get my acts together and perform any sport when travelling with Hubert. Waking up in the morning, getting ready, passing all meetings, finding a place for the night, falling asleep. That’s all I do. It is just too hard to find the motivation and getting up for it. But I will have to, otherwise my plan for summer will fail.

I should be more active, but I still have 5 months to develop such.

The day ended in fast food, and once in a while this is all right. I even love it, but always feel guilty towards my body and weight, when having finished my meal. I have to develop better patterns here also. But that depends also on the place you find to stay overnight. A BBQ alongside an inner-city road is not only not very nice … it is just not welcoming and over expensive.