I haven’t done any sports for a week. Nothing. It is amazing how quickly your performance declines once having a break and just not putting any attention to it.

The reason for this break was a party period. Wanted to do some jogging today, and had to stop short after a minimal distance. Embarrassing. Also, I could not refrain myself from smoking for about 3 days. Today my sour throat came back and I „collapsed“ after a few metres of jogging. So I stopped smoking again. This is all not very good. I should know better by now!

But the beer still is quite tasty!

It was a good decision to have a first week off somewhere with Hubert and coming back home before hitting the road for a few months. I made notes what had to be repaired and these days I went for it. The shower had to be fixed, some leakage in the garage to be looked at, and the toilet was broken.

It still is a challenge for me to start handcraft. Using my own hands and just sort technical issues. So I had a look but had no choice as to entirely undo the loo. I had thought so before, so the tank had been emptied before. No need for the smell of an open tank full of … I had no idea what the reason for the leakage could have been, but once all undone the reason was clear. A rotten joint needed to be changed. But as it is no real joint but a hand-made filling of Silicon, all has been cleaned, dried and then fixed. Tbc…

The paperwork of the aftermath of my trip to Austria, repair work with Hubert and just the need to sort some thoughts held me back from doing any other, so I wonder how my physical ability is looking like, but I shall re-start when hitting the road on Saturday.

There was huge progress with the preparation of the next trip to come. Stay tuned! A cool trip to be coming!