The travel season starts. Slow, but about to start!


I have advanced quite successfully in my studies and not more much to do, though not there yet! However, all seems set for going places early May.

Until May I am buzzing around and during these days I had a wonderful stroll along the river, a clear-blue sky and later a wonderful sunset. I don’t have much time, but I do appreciate any free moment and just enjoy the upcoming spring time.

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Studies moving forward


What a relief! The result of the first partial exam was communicated: mathematics. And I gloriously passed with 1.3 according to the German system.

Which is what? 18/20 in French terms and an A/AA in UK-terms?

Anyhow, it is a brilliant result and I am very happy, because I was not sure at all. All previous tests were quite good, too, but I thought I had made some minor concentration mistakes, which apparently was not the case.

Now let’s wait for the part „Scientific Working Techniques“, where I think I have not really excelled.

Keep you posted!

But for those who speak German, quote:

„Das Gute ist: Teilklausuren, die bereits vorliegen, können bereits eine Aussage über bestehen und Nicht-Bestehen der Gesamtprüfung treffen. So können Sie gar nicht mehr durchfallen, egal wie WiAr TK (50 % an der Note) gelaufen ist, da GLMS TK (ebenfalls 50 % an der Note) mit 1,3 absolviert wurde. Daher hätten Sie schlechtstenfalls mit 3,1 bestanden (nämlich: (1,3+5,0):2). Wir gratulieren!

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Almost there again … spring time’s up and the travelling is about to start!

P1030763 Kopie


It is turning a tradition going for Easter to Michelstadt. A place you would normally never have the idea for going to, but it is a perfect start fort the year’s travelling season. Not too far away for getting to and lots of things to do and see.

Winter is over, the first flowers are blossoming and time is ripe for leaving the winter castle getting out into the fresh.

The room is booked again, surrounded by lots of country trails and since my knee has been fully restored again (big thanks to Gesche) I am even more looking forward to the start of this season.

And call me old or whatever, but sipping a coffee next to Germany’s oldest town hall has something …

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We were in Kenya early December. Invited for a wedding and visiting friends in Wundanyi, a place I’ve been to several times already and where we have a few friends.

The Posho-mill is still working, but running a private kind of charity is difficult. Lots of expectations meeting the difficulty to honour all of them. That is the issue.

But we shall try to buy a plot of land and see what we can turn it into.

Kenya is indeed one of the few private places I have come back several times. I just appreciate being with the people down there and to see, how they manage their life!

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