Endurance sports, specifically jogging, is an integral part to my self-assessment processes and thinking things thoroughly through. The more devastating hence my broken fibula late 2017 and the then diagnosis to never be able to jog again. But that has luckily changed.

In case you are a sportive character you understand what it means being told “never again jogging”. Jogging had become central to my life-style. Endurance sport in general became important to me: cycling, swimming, jogging. I am doing a lot endurance activities plus some weight-lifting and mountaineering units in-between. My body weight and shape is under permanent scrutiny by myself.

I had some health issues during last years and was periodically kept at bay not being able to do anything. In consequence my body grew to some unacceptable 90 Kg. I did not feel comfortable and didn’t like the looks of myself. Things obviously had to change.

The 2018-resolution was to do something about it, and my general physics allowed me to cycle, sim and weight-lift. I actually and gradually inched towards my target body-shape but then it hit me again and my health-status did not allow me to do any sports for another 4 months. Luckily I dispose of a generally good physic so hiking the Alps or performing random cycle trips late in the year went well.

However, if one of my “now-you-are-50-years-old”-resolutions was to reach 80Kg, I have to admit, that project failed miserably. Regardless why and which circumstances, I did not make it. I was hardly to motivate to do anything, specifically the last quarter of 2018. With a new year starting and having set aims, you find plenty of advice ho to jog correctly, how to keep motivated and how to lose weight efficiently.

Reasons for never being able to jog again had vanished by November 2018. The tibia had relocated correctly with jogging being no more threat to Arthrosis. Lucky me, as cycling and weight-lifting only was a bit boring, and due to my body shape I felt embarrassed to go swimming. And against my usual habit I did not jog off straight away in high speed, but gave myself time to adopt and train.

What a relief! Now and almost 2 months on, I was able for the first time to jog outside after having reintroduced me to jogging on a treadmill in a gym. The advice for efficiently losing weight is running “as slow as long as possible” … and implement an alternation of weekly runs as slow as long as possible with runs of 40-60 minutes as quick as possible. It seems working, even if I have hardly started.

But more importantly, when doing slow long distance jogging, I enter into a mood of meditation. You can entertain “never-ending” train of thoughts right to their end and think things really through. It is such a relaxing thing. I realize now, how much I had missed this exercise. The difference to cycling is, due to the speed, you have to watch out on-going traffic, so yes, you may be able to meditate, but jogging and trotting along forest-path, what can possibly happen?

I just enjoy running again. It is amazing, I really feel good about it. It is amazing what it brings you to. Don’t want to have to give it up again. Keep fingers crossed!

The images you see in this blog are taking during various runs … if them are not you calming down, I wonder what would …