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Poznan is a midsize Polish town approximately 150 miles east of Berlin. Nothing special, nothing important, nothing to expect really.

Poznan will always remain in my memory as the first town I went to on my first business trip since being self-employed. We left Gelsenkirchen comfortably in the morning and went straight eastwards. Following the A2 the navigation indicated „300 miles straight on“. Once having passed Berlin again „150 miles straight on“. So, easy to go – just stay straight and that seems a good advice for me personally at current stage.

The best is Hubert only took 14l/100km. Never had before. The whole trip took 10 hours, so the average speed was 50/55 miles an hour. Well done, Hubert!

We decided going straight into Poznan and not stopping in-between staying overnight elsewhere. Poznan offers the possibility of a campsite almost inside town. Having done the initial shopping for securing our survival over the next 48 hours we checked in.

The campsite is great. A combination of Hotel-Camping offering the entire spectrum of services linked with hosting guests. For my taste the individual camping lots are a bit small, but that’s ok. Only inconvenience is our suntent cannot be built due to its‘ size, but current weather conditions do not invite to stay much outside anyway. It was pouring cats and dogs.

People here are nice and friendly, pricing is absolutely ok (200 Zlotys for Hubert and us 2 for the entire stay of 2 nights) and all facilities nice and clean. The location is just great!

Right next to the city centre you will find a largely stretched lake. During our stay we found an international competition of dragon boats. But looking around you find more such as a summer rodelbahn, an artificial skislope and tribunes to watch water sports such as rowing and canoeing. The campsite is almost on the shore and hence this time it was packed with sporty folks participating at the dragon boat races.

Walking into town is 3 miles and follows along the shore of the lake through the park. Cross over a couple of east-European boulevards and you reach the centre. The architecture is a mix of soviet-style housing blocks, newly built shopping centres, large tarmac roads and tramways.

The walk is apart from the stroll in the park a typical scenery from east European cities. A bit of not up-date-to-date, retail shops, dilapidated houses, shop windows plastered with paper, cobbled streets, wide open spaces, the tram, shopping centres, billboards, parking places. And then you suddenly reach the old town.

A big church in the middle, a cobbled street circling around it, restaurants and old and almost medieval architecture. Tourists all over, laid back Polish walking around with friends and family chilling on a Sunday. But the big sensational „thing“ is missing.

So Poznan is maybe worth a visit, but don’t plan too much time here. After a couple of days you have seen it.