Apple, the cloud and privacy issues


For the first time in my life I lost my mobile. I am quite paranoid about losing things, so I really take care and in consequence losing something is rarely happening to me. I am clumsy and keep forgetting where I put things, but I rarely lose. This time though it well happened: taking my IPhone when going out, forgetting to close the zip. Just didn’t look after the Buddhist thing: when you do things, just do one at a time and concentrate on it….

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London – the all too obvious!

1.4.06-14.05.06 123

Many things have been written in and about London. London is omnipresent in all areas of life, politics and culture. Londoners say „the one who does not like London does not know London!“ Some French instead stated „Si vous n’aimez pas la France, quittez la!“ This is the self-explaining difference ho the Londoners consider themselves in pure reservation even though London is not England and France not Paris. But London is indeed one of my favourite metropolises, if not the most favourite!…

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Le Maroc … quel trip à l’étranger!

Marokko II

J’arrives à Casablanca … à Casa … le Maroc …

… Monsieur André … moyennement âgé … quant cinq – cinquante … chauve et souriant … une Fiat … petit gosse … „Va t’en“ … il pu … c’est drôle … architecture neuve … „avant-garde miroitée … l’hôtel … „Vous ne montez pas?“ … restaurant euro-marocain … gentil … nous papotons … un bon service … un monsieur éduqué … très tolérant … israélite … n’aime pas la mentalité marocaine … favorable et respectueux aux juifs … ‚des bosseurs‘ … le marocain est égoïste … il pense à cour terme … des putes … son français … ils est français … double nationalité … il voyage beaucoup … il se dit et il se présente très correctement … il connait beaucoup de monde … nous partons du restaurant … le lendemain … au salon … des gens qui traversent la rue … le ‚Club du Sport‘ … le ghetto … sa femme est très gentille … ils rient beaucoup … des gents très haut placés … ils sont là … moi et Corinne un budget de 350 Deutschemark…

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Athens, Greece

Athen Arbeitskopie

Whenever you think about Greece, you think of a blue sea, white villages, seafood and Syrtaki. Lately all media were full of reports about a corrupt state system, overpaid civil servants, voluntary inability to adapt to the new and a society giving each and everybody but itself the responsibility for the current national mess. For outsiders it is very difficult to perceive a coherent image: being a friendly tourist destination versus a country on the brink of total collapse….

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Dubai – paradise or hell for many?


A place which was a fishing village just a few decades ago turned into an Eldorado for architects, into a global financial and business centre an, a hotspot for all kinds of activities and people. Dubai is offering unlimited possibilities to each and everyone but remains nevertheless one of the most cosmopolitan, thrilling, active and somehow tolerant places in the world under the condition you accept local habits and rules….

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