Cap Verdes – Praia

The idea going to Cap Verde was being somewhere in the sun during winter and not being obliged flying to for 12 hours. I wanted to spend my 50th birthday with my family at a place, none of us had been before. So, sunny temperature, not too far away for reaching it within a limited laps of time plus an unknown place: we opted for the Cap Verdes … well ……

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Cologne to Hamburg on a bicycle


Since back in February an infection caught in Kenya and being unable to perform any physical activity since, now being remedied, I went straight for a challenge: cycling from Cologne to Hamburg. Reaching out for fresh air, pumping up my lungs but also wondering if after six months of inactivity I would be able to make it….

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Namibia on a bicycle

Tarmac Road

Cycling around a country almost as big as Germany and France combined but with hardly more than 3.000 kilometres of overland tarmac roads is not necessarily the first idea coming to your mind when thinking of how to stay in and travel around Namibia, but I opted for this alternative and had lots of fun….

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Tunisia 1

After a 3-year absence it was time again to go to Tunisia. Despite the current terror attacks and prevailing national issues I had no worry to go. After being there in my eyes Tunisia really turned for the better, but local opinions are widespread and differ a lot from each other….

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