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What a relief! The result of the first partial exam was communicated: mathematics. And I gloriously passed with 1.3 according to the German system.

Which is what? 18/20 in French terms and an A/AA in UK-terms?

Anyhow, it is a brilliant result and I am very happy, because I was not sure at all. All previous tests were quite good, too, but I thought I had made some minor concentration mistakes, which apparently was not the case.

Now let’s wait for the part „Scientific Working Techniques“, where I think I have not really excelled.

Keep you posted!

But for those who speak German, quote:

„Das Gute ist: Teilklausuren, die bereits vorliegen, können bereits eine Aussage über bestehen und Nicht-Bestehen der Gesamtprüfung treffen. So können Sie gar nicht mehr durchfallen, egal wie WiAr TK (50 % an der Note) gelaufen ist, da GLMS TK (ebenfalls 50 % an der Note) mit 1,3 absolviert wurde. Daher hätten Sie schlechtstenfalls mit 3,1 bestanden (nämlich: (1,3+5,0):2). Wir gratulieren!

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Shit happens …


As you may well know, I have started my studies of an MBA this November. For somebody who is used to comment and judge others it is quite a thing to get used to being commented and judged. But it is the main purpose of a study: you have to learn, move forward and simply advance with your knowledge and get used to be criticised. You are going for a study because you don’t know things yet but want them to know….

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