More than 36 hours of constant rain already and no end in sight!

It started raining last Thursday 2:00 pm when being on the road from Bratislava to the Balaton Lake. But I shall consider counting hours when Balaton was reached at 3:00 pm.

Since that very moment hanging out in Hubert waiting for the rain to stop has been the only option. But it continues raining and raining and raining. It does not make a break. It does not stop. It rains. And it just does not stop. For a short time it may be less, but only for taking a breath and starting to rain again just harder than before.

A fizzle would be all right, but it really pours down. Endlessly. But there is a good side to it: Hubert has a hole in the roof leaking through, but luckily only little. Something to do about when back home. I have to thank the rain for having fallen that much, otherwise this hole would not have been detected. Always think positive. Always! Maybe there is something to it and you should just do nothing and try to not bore yourself?



There is nothing you can do. If you walk into town, your feet and lower legs are soaking wet within minutes. Have tried it twice, it is no fun. In town is no place worth going for. A little town offering nothing more than souvenir shops, restaurants and supermarkets. Anyhow, wandering around under such conditions is really no fun.

The thing to do is hanging out in Hubert, cruising the internet and reading a book. Just doing the doddle really, but it is annoying, The idea was to circumference the lake with a bicycle. Normally I wouldn’t mind the weather, but with such a heavy rain it is pointless and seriously no fun.

Anyhow, you have to see the positive side of the situation, my record has been broken. When hiking Kamchatka back in 2007 we had to hang out in a little tent waiting for the rain to stop. The record then was set at 36 hours. It is now the 41st hour of constant rain.

Pouring down


It still does not seem to stop. But maybe there is a slight silver lining at the horizon. Who knows.