Hambacher Forest – mistaking Tree-huggers?

Hambacher Forst, called ‘Hambi’ by many, is a 200 hectare-forest turned into the symbol of resistance of the anti-coal-fired power generation in Germany. Situated in the middle of German’s Rhenish coal mining areas it harbours trees in excess of 300 years of age, represents one of Europe’s last “pristine” forests and several protected species but is, too, a major obstacle to the enlargement of the coal mining area.

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Resolution #1: stopping to smoke.

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Being on the run-up to my 50th, I am pursuing a few projects and resolutions all to be completed by this symbolic birthday next year. Some are on-going long-term resolutions, some are stop-short, black-and-white and on the spot projects to be instantly put into practice, one of which is stopping to smoke. I have been stopping since last new year and am doing quite well….

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2016 – what a year!

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Whilst 2016 started smoothly, it constantly picked up speed to ultimately find its own staccato finale. I had not known before but if I had, 2016 wouldn’t have taken the course it took. Actually, even if my life at the beginning and at the end of 2016 looks pretty much the same, ideas and opinions have changed profoundly….

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