I wish the rain would stop for now, …

me sitting in my castle – wow?!

But nothing seems to change outside,

though I was off for cycle ride.


So here we go, watch cats and dogs,

just pouring down, it doesn’t stop

No thing to do, just hang around,

go on, just go, clouds up abound!


It seems my fate to stay alone,

to think, to do, as bare as bone,

there is no one to talking with,

some locals, yes, but no ‚Sir Smith‘!


You have to see the glass half full,

just don’t let this right down you pull

who knows where this will lead you where,

just anyway, will love it there.


As son as fizzle comes about,

the trust for better shouts out loud:

„It’s over now, so off you go!“,

But soon there after change to ’no!‘


The fizzle turns to pouring straight,

again you doomed to sit and wait,

a break, a stop, a sunny spell,

want out, my ride, oh bloody hell!


No cry, no shouting will us help,

Adad is deaf, despite you yelp.

Though see yourself just praying out

„What do you want, is this about?“


He does not care, he loves to spoil

your planning now, keeps pouring oil

into the fire, make it bad,

it’s ever worse, me feeling sad.


What have I done to live this thing,

should I not be the cycle king?

Around the lake in flowing time,

or rather sit and think and rhyme?


You have to see the flip side here,

why not, shoot off and have a beer?

though boozing straight no fun to do,

this will just end in righteous „booooo!“


So here I sit and wait and wait,

for leaving when there’s sun, yes, straight.

Will keep informed how things evolve,

it has to change, it has to solve!