Messed up by others!

Bad work!


I have been renovating Hubert since 2 years. And just when it is time to leave it breaks down. Back-left wheel broken and a damaged achsle.

As there was a repair done last year it seems obvious, the mistake was done by the garage, but it is refused. „It is an old car and we told you anyway that time there is a problem.“…

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Fusion 2014

Fusion – dancing 4 days for communism


Each year 60.000 people meet on a festival in Müritz region, east Germany living the idea of a communist dream.

It appears, as if the place is burning. Smoke is rising in the remote area of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Lights are shining bright across the old military air base Lärz. Cars queuing up for reaching the compound despite being 5.00 am. It is cold, fog all over. Folk sitting in the car breathe in the sight of signposts and costumed people….

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