After we had finished our meetings we continued our journey to Brno.

A good idea for those having 5 meetings in the same town but not having a hired car: check your cab driver from the airport to your hotel if he is all right. If so, ask him, if he wants to be your driver for a full day. Usually you can negotiate a fair deal and the driver himself will have an easy day. That day he will not have to continuously chase for new customers. You do not need to pay 5 times, to search 5 times for a new taxi and neither to get 5 times a new driver to know.

Your taxi is waiting where you have your meeting, during the day you will get familiar with him. As a side effect you can have a glimpse into local life. If you really connect with him, let him show you where to eat when you have your lunch break. You can quickly jump into local life. But most convenient is you have no hassle to find a cab when a meeting has finished. Do it the comfortable way.

To Brno it is only about 200 km and we had an easy drive. Going into Brno we found there is nothing nice to find for staying overnight so we left again 25 km out of town for a village camping. Nice place, very Czech and a wonderful dinner. A tender steak, local vegetables plus a view on central place. Now you seriously realise, you are in the middle of nowhere. But that is exactly what you are up for to see when going such a place. There is no point staying in centre town, as one centre resembles all other centres world-wide. Obviously, our town without a name here will never be remembered in global politics, but that isn’t the intention anyhow.

Centre town

One of the most important things when being on such a trip is you take it easy and you go with the flow. Cruising around town with a 7.5t vehicle is already awkward enough, so no need for any stress.

If a place does not suit you, just move on. You’ll eventually find what you want. And that is utmost important.

Once our dinner finished we were just tired. So at 6.30 pm we went asleep. Of course we were afraid of waking up during the night and not being able to fall back asleep, but it was a piece of cake to sleep until 6.00 am. Really nice.