Luxury – for many people symptomatically linked up with material belongings, for me entirely different: walking around town on a working day or getting dizzy during daytime. Today is Sunday, so I shall focus on the latter.For me as a workaholic there is much to enjoy in life and job. My job gets me around the world, and what I can not visit professionally I allow myself to check out personally on an individual trip. Whatever is farer than 2.500 miles away is mainly not professional but going far is not always synonym with distance. Kamchatka, Mongolia, Madagascar and Ecuador are just a few far places I have been to. But my job gets me around all major towns within this diameter of 2.500 miles. And have you ever tried Sarajevo, Barcelona or Kiev at night?

Whenever I travel professionally, each day I get myself a 2-3 hour time-out to check out the place where I currently am. Yesterday early evening arriving in Ljubljana and after a 600- miles non-stop ride with Hubert I was not able to do anything else than having a lush dinner and the obligatory few beers. Called welcome feast. But then going straight into bed. Why being in any hurry?! I needed a 10-hour nap. So I went for it.

But when waking up the town called. I almost feel urged to go into city centre and check it out. At 9:00 am any city is asleep and quiet. I love the city’s morning-atmosphere. So I went into it and had my coffee as usual. Then wandering around town. Follow your nose and have no distinct goal.

But I am an ignorant on a few cultural levels: I don’t go into museums, I visit no church and architecture does not mean anything to me. And in the end, every major town is similar to any other anyway. And if you are not fond of city culture, so be it. The architecture may obviously change from town to town, but by functionality and set up they do not differ. And Ljubljana is no different.

Interesting architecture, a picturesque old town, a river flowing through, a sidewalk and many cafés. So the town was done in a couple of hours. What do you expect, what do you wish to see? It is definitely ignorant and almost decadent, but I am no town-tourist. I had a first impression and that is all I request from a town I am in for a short period only. And I got that impression, went up to the castle, walked around the old town. 2 hours and all done. At least for my gusto. Many may crucify me for such attitude, but this is how I am. And as it was early in the morning, so the entire day still before me

My feeling went „what else to be done?“ and it turns towards a bar and beer. One of the best ways to grasp and suck in the ‚real‘ place. If not the best. But you have to be kind of alcoholic. I prefer local bars and snacks. I rarely go into five-star localities. Local people also survive without luxury food and live on corner shops. And this is my way of entering town, after having down the obligatory but aimless stroll. Having a local Kebab, then sit down and have a beer where the locals are.

And just wait; you will always be integrated somehow. Somebody will start talking to you, or you will start talking to somebody. Have a chat with the bartender when him/her serving to you. Pick up any chance to drop a word here or there. Smile to the other without being the comic. And if not talking, just look around and watch the world go by. Take your time and enjoy the watching. Enjoy the moment.

And as said above, doing this during the daytime, this is one of the best luxury feelings I can get. Sitting relaxed, watching around and see how the town goes. Drinking beer and getting dizzy during daytime as there is no more else to do. It really is relaxing, you really feel free and you maybe do, what many others don’t dare. Feel free to do what you really want!

Get dizzy during daytime and just enjoy and have fun with it. It is no rocket science and you do not apply for being president of anything. You just enjoy the place. And don’t be surprised, if after an hour or so you understand the place and how it works.

And this understanding cannot be replaced by any material stuff whatever its‘ worth!