Since I cam back from Austria things rather went well. I sorted my paper stuff – bureaucracy is something you have to deal with! But with Wednesday things turned sour.I went to Frankfurt for as meeting with Gesche and for partying. We went for the “Women of the world Festival” and a Tatort evening with Ulrike Volkerts. Nice! At the end we took some pictures and went for a bar. Here we just partied our head off and did not realise, her bag was stolen. So things turned quite hectic late that night. The wallet gone, the photo with all pictures that evening gone, all personal papers gone

Next day I went for a walk into town trying to find her wallet and breakfast but then had to leave, because I met a good friend, Martin. Gesche set off for local authorities to announce the theft. Something necessary for starting all official proceedings in order to claim for new documents again.

Martin and me went for a nice walk around town and I admit, I have to change my opinion about Frankfurt. It is vivid, nice and different people, and when the sun shines they are all out on the street. Lots of culture to see. Frankfurt seems to me being a good mix of plenty of money around and a well-developed social-life balance.

Later at home I had difficulties to fall asleep with the effect, next morning I had difficulties to wake up, but I had to. I had to do some tghings. On the way to it voilà my first traffic accident in life!

I wanted to turn into a priority street and just did not check or pay any attention to the traffic. I crushed straight into another car. Luckily only material damage and none of us was hurt. But how stupid is this? I was completely disconnected from life.

It may well be, that with no regular work, no more studies to follow, all preparations done, my body just quiets down. Who knows? But how annoying.

By that occasion I lost my talisman. A piece I carry around with since almost 4 years now. A little stone of nothing, but nevertheless a stone reminding me of a few things.

During the afternoon my computer went down, next morning I dropped eggs in a supermarket and I generally feel too weary and just watch out for everything. Full concentration. Very stressfull.

I wonder what I am about to learn, why I experience such stuff. Maybe just to let things not too much loose. Always stay weary and watch out what is happening around you. I don’t know. But taking into consideration, that my result of my final work for university was neither too well I am tempted to say things could have been better. But that is indeed a pure luxury problem.

I am happy to leave, get my thoughts changed and do something, which I really like: travelling.